Our commitment to high quality testing with same day results, is what makes Covid Testing Network the preferred choice for Occupational Health providers and HR professionals. 


Using our national network of ISO accredited laboratories, most workplaces are within easy reach of a testing facility, meaning we can courier swabs and deliver results within an optimum time frame. Fast, accurate results is what helps employers identify and manage the spread of the virus and protect their workforce and localised outbreaks. 


ISO Accredited Laboratories

Laboratories in the Covid Testing Network have been at the forefront of scientific developments since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Our team has been working around the clock, to make testing more efficient, more affordable and accessible to all. We believe blanket testing of millions of people throughout the population will be a crucial step towards containing and eliminating the coronavirus. 


How we started

The Covid Testing Network was founded in February 2020 as a not-for-profit organisation to support healthcare workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic through regular asymptomatic screening.

The Department of Health and Social Care began funding our efforts in May 2020. We are proud to remain part of the nationwide recovery plan, and continue to provide screening free of charge to the NHS.


Mike Fischer CBE


The project was started by Mike Fischer CBE who directs SBL, an independent non-profit medical research laboratory in Oxfordshire. Following suggestions from his team in early March, Mike has had this lab converted to testing for COVID-19, and the lab is now providing 250-500 tests a week to local NHS health care workers with a half-day turnaround. This is already making a substantial difference to 18 GP practices in the local area. These tests are giving c.200 frontline staff an indication of their current health status and the knowledge required to keep fulfilling these vital roles, and a degree of comfort that they are not avoidably infecting patients.


After seeing the impact that testing at SBL is having on the local area, we want to encourage other labs to follow our example, and create the Covid Testing Network, with the hope that we can expand these services and help fight this battle against COVID-19 across the UK. The Fischer Family Trust has committed £1M of seed funding to get the project going.


Caroline Plumb


The project was co-founded by Caroline Plumb, a UK entrepreneur who is CEO and Founder of Fluidly, a Fintech. Caroline is supporting to co-ordinate the Covid Testing Network alongside Tim on a voluntary basis.


She previously co-founded Freshminds where a number of other volunteers are drawn from. In 2010 Caroline was appointed one of the UK's Business Ambassadors by then Prime Minister David Cameron. She received an OBE in 2016 for services to business and charity.


Find Caroline on LinkedIn here.

Tim Perkin

Tim Perkin


The project was co-founded by Tim Perkin, who successfully founded a software company seeking to enable students and employers to connect for work experience and job opportunities. Tim has worked with a variety of organisations from Lloyds Banking Group to small education software start-ups.


With an entrepreneurial mindset, Tim has been running the Covid Testing Network alongside Caroline on a voluntary basis. Tim is leading on onboarding laboratories and helping source vital consumables to ensure that laboratories in our network are supported in their testing efforts. 


Find Tim on LinkedIn here.


Greg French, Managing Director, Davis French & Associates


‘It's great to have the opportunity to work with the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing network, as it allows us to have a positive contribution during these difficult times, and make an impact in our local community.’


Phillip Unwin, Senior Partner, Hart Surgery, Henley.


"Having a test is crucial in helping to stem the spread of this disease and help us at practices to keep fighting."

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