Hart Surgery, Henley.


Hart Surgery is a practice with over 10,500 patients and is one of the first to get help from for their GPs & front-line staff with testing for COVID-19. They said the testing process was 'crucial for the practice' and are already seeing the benefits...


Pangbourne Surgery


Pangbourne Surgery is a practice with 13,000 patients and nearly shut down due to multiple cases of COVID- 19 across their staff. They needed help confirming and monitoring the virus state to get them back up and running...

MW Phillips Logo (cropped) (cropped)

MW Phillips

Natalie Pettitt works in Medicines Management at MW Phillips, a community
pharmacy company. It runs 46 pharmacies across the West Midlands and South
Wales, with lots of elderly and vulnerable patients. When doctors’ surgeries closed
they faced a higher level of demand...
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Anonymous Surgery


This GP surgery was one of the first surgery’s invited to join the Covid Testing Network to receive testing for their frontline staff. The practice has 10,000 patients and currently didn’t know where they stood in terms of staff having COVID-19...

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