Helping GP surgeries with PCR testing

Our model is fundamentally different to the government’s, as we connect our clients directly with their local laboratories. We provide testing twice a week to GPs, regardless of whether or not they are showing symptoms. Using our own procurement channels, we are able to process samples more quickly and with fewer logistical challenges. 


A qualified medical professional is required to interpret test results and give appropriate medical advice.  


What do you need to do?


If a laboratory in your area is part of the scheme, then you can start getting testing immediately for your surgery staff. If you are happy to be included in the testing, we will drop swabs to you and you will need to follow these initial steps:

  • Distribute & collect swabs from your staff (repeated twice a week).
  • Have the swabs ready for collection at your pre-arranged collection time.

Who can you test for Covid-19?


Each clinic will receive roughly nineteen swab tests at each collection, please, therefore, prioritise your patient-facing frontline staff who can infect others and who are most at risk. All staff who are already in self-isolation will also be eligible for testing to ensure that we can get as many staff as possible back to work. For the time being, we request that only GP practice staff can be tested, not patients.


How much will the testing cost?


The testing is being run not-for-profit and has backing from the Fischer Family trust and the Department for Health and Social Care. All tests for GPs are therefore free.


Will GPs be given instructions on how to run the test?


The Covid-19 Volunteer Testing Network will support both the labs conducting the tests and the GP practice during the testing services. We will supply all documentation needed for GP practices to swab successfully, label the swabs and understand the results. In the case of a positive result, the labs will run another test within the next 24 hours as a confirmation.


These testing measures will help GP practices identify front line staff with the infection to help control the spread of Covid-19.

Our GP surgery needs testing

Our GP Surgery would benefit from testing services.

Our GP surgery needs testing

Our GP Surgery would benefit from testing services.


Phillip Unwin, Senior Partner, Hart Surgery, Henley.


"Having a test is crucial in helping to stem the spread of this disease and help us at practices to keep fighting."


Greg French, Managing Director, Davis French & Associates


‘It's great to have the opportunity to work with the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing network, as it allows us to have a positive contribution during these difficult times, and make an impact in our local community.’

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