We work with leading industry leading names throughout the UK

Occupational Health Providers


We partner with occupational health providers to plan and deliver the highest quality swabbing and testing for their clients workplaces.



A regular programme of testing helps identify and control the potential spread of COVID-19 across a site, protecting contractors with mission critical expertise. A workforce testing programme not only helps attract and retain the best talent but supports on-time, on-budget delivery.

Independent Schools

We provide testing programmes for independent schools, to help reassure parents (especially those of overseas students) and staff. Identifying cases quickly and isolating those effected will reduce potential school closure and minimise disruption due to staff absence. Read more about the work we do with schools here.


Sports Teams


We provide on-going, bi-weekly testing plans for sports teams as well one-off testing plans for teams travelling internationally. Speak with our account managers to discuss your requirements. 


Film & Entertainment


Our work with customers across the entertainment industry mitigates for costly interruptions to production schedules and controls the risk of spread of the virus to key members of the cast and wider team. Flexible testing plans, tailored to your needs, will ensure timely results and avoid disruption to busy schedules. 


Retail & Catering

Testing shop floor staff or bar/restaurant staff, who are in close proximity to customers, not only controls the spread of the virus through in-house teams but also supports customer welfare, reassures customers that a site is well managed and mitigates the potential for negative publicity.


Travel and Hospitality

Airlines, airports, hotels and other businesses that cater for a UK wide or an international customer base are particularly keen to minimise the introduction of COVID-19 into otherwise clear communities. We work with a host of organisations to ensure the welfare of staff and customers.


Natalie Pettitt, MW Phillips 

“Getting testing from the COVID Testing Network and Eurofins has
been brilliant, absolutely flawless.”

Natalie Pettitt, MW Phillips 

“The testing has been incredibly valuable to us. It has reassured staff that they do not have the virus and so can carry on serving their communities and giving people vital medication. It has also made sure that people are positive can be safely quarantined, which helps save lives in the community.
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