Helping the UK get back to work safely

We believe large-scale screening of the entire population will be crucial to the country’s success in the coming months. The experience learned during the early stages of the pandemic has led our network of labs to develop cutting-edge methods to make testing at scale more accurate, affordable and accessible. 


There are innumerable benefits to regular workforce screening as part of a business’s return to work strategy. Testing is the only way to locate and contain the spread of this invisible disease. 


Identifying the virus early gives reassurance to colleagues and their families that they are returning to a safe workplace, where even asymptomatic carriers are aware that they have tested positive and must act accordingly. Negative test results help colleagues to avoid taking needless time off work. 


Customers can enter your business with the peace of mind that they are interacting with workers who have tested negative. 


The Covid Testing Network will contribute directly towards the  nationwide track and trace strategy. Your subscription with us will also help finance research and development of new ways to tackle the coronavirus crisis, free screening for NHS workers, and will allow our laboratories to prepare better for any potential second wave of the pandemic. 


Mike Fischer CBE


"If other labs could join the effort we could quickly scale to providing tens of thousands of tests a day in complement to the central program."


Natalie Pettitt, MW Phillips 

“Getting testing from the COVID Testing Network and Eurofins has
been brilliant, absolutely flawless.”
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